Exhibiting at The Contamination Series


3D PLUS offers gamma camera for various nuclear applications.
3D PLUS is a world leading supplier of advanced miniaturized 3D microelectronic systems dedicated to harsh environments. Thanks to our patented technology using die and wafer stacking, 3D PLUS offers high performance and high sensitivity gamma camera.
We bring a new technology solution for radioactive environment in order to limit the risk of contamination. Our camera can be used for decommissioning, monitoring, decontamination, border control and nuclear emergency.
Based on CdTe detection head, the camera will show the hotspots in the energy range of 2 keV to 2 MeV. Thanks to the embedded firmware and the software, the equipment combines 3 key parameters:
- Localization of the radioactive sources
- Identification of the radioactive sources
- Measurement of the related intensity
The small dimension and lightweight hand held camera allows a very fast diagnostic on site, thus offering a quick intervention.

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