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Alert Technology Ltd

ALERT Technology Ltd introduces the patented 'Asbestos ALERT' - the only portable warning device capable of distinguishing airborne asbestos fibres from other non-asbestos airborne fibres in real-time.

The Asbestos A.L.E.R.T. (Asbestos Locating Equipment in Real Time) was developed as a risk reduction tool to help prevent prolonged, unintentional exposure to airborne asbestos and the health risks associated with it.

The ALERT offers users an invaluable first line of defence. Aimed at professionals responsible for detecting, monitoring and removing hazardous materials in industries which include:- construction, demolition, remediation and environmental services and many more.

The first model to market is the 'Asbestos ALERT Pro 1000' which offers real-time monitoring and warning with downloadable date and time stamped data. A future range of Asbestos ALERT devices are planned to suit different industry sectors and for potential OEM.

Alert Technology is formerly a part of The Select Group of Companies Ltd and was spun out from Select in January 2017 following receipt of private investment to focus solely on the accelerated commercialisation of the ALERT range.

The Select Group, alongside the University of Hertfordshire (founders of the ALERT technology and leaders in atmospheric instrumentation) and a European FP7-funded consortium are responsible for the development of the 'Asbestos ALERT'.

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