Exhibiting at The Contamination Series

Aquacast International Ltd

Aquacast International,
Exhibiting a new innovative W shape environmentally friendly concrete blocks.
This unique new British patented Invention, has attracted global interest in flood and landslide defence, also Wall Bee of Switzerland, showing new Robot technology used for the construction of w blocks

The w blocks technology is fast 20 Min sq Meter rapid clean and precise precast construction. Used for rapid reinforcement application of river embankment, landslides and sea defence walls .It is unique slots in the design, form instant unformed pitched holes when reversed in polarity during construction ,these holes can be filled , piled or anchored for extra ground stabilisation and penetration, giving wall structures further rigid stability against fast water and landslides .
The system was launched to the UK market in 2017 at Flood expo London Excel,the results was astonishing over 1300 enquiry in progress so far expanding application to as far as Europe India and South East Asia and Africa.
This system is on and only of its type currently on the world market ,manufactures have been appointed globally with production capacity of 5-600 w blocks a day

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