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Allow us to introduce ourselves as an all-inclusive Environmental Consultancy working throughout the United Kingdom. Armstrong York is a privately owned company established in 2003 to meet with the growing demands for testing, inspection, training and consultancy services in the fields of asbestos and Health and Safety. The company has developed an outstanding reputation based on the professional and high quality service offered to clients in both the private and public sectors. Commitment to continual improvement in standards is reflected within the organisations UKAS accredited quality systems, industry approvals and various training body affiliations.

As a company we aim to assist clients in identification of their needs and provide customised services and solutions tailored to their organisation. A team of dedicated individuals with a wealth of experience in diverse and high-profile projects will ensure any project commissioned is seen through to successful completion.

Armstrong York are adapting to ever-changing market demands through investment and innovation. This in conjunction with a pro-active approach to development of employees and services enables Armstrong York to look forward to continued growth and longevity within the market.

As a UKAS accredited organisation Armstrong York offer testing and inspection services in accordance with the requirements of ISO 17020 and ISO 17025. The services offered by Armstrong York are as follows:

HSG 264 compliant Asbestos Management, Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys
HSG 264 compliant Re-Inspection Surveys
UKAS Accredited airborne fibre monitoring inclusive of the 4 Stage Clearance test
UKAS Accredited bulk sample analysis (we have three UKAS accredited laboratories)
ÃÆ`Æ`Æ`ÃÆ`¢â‚¬Ã...¡ÃÆ`Æ`â€Ã...¡ÃÆ`‚· Advice on asbestos policy and procedure

ÃÆ`Æ`Æ`ÃÆ`¢â‚¬Ã...¡ÃÆ`Æ`â€Ã...¡ÃÆ`‚· Assist in development of asbestos management plan

Investigations into asbestos incidents
Upload survey and analytical data into the clients asbestos management software
Audit project works to ensure they have followed the correct client procedures
Prepare asbestos removal specifications
Assurance that contractors carrying out asbestos removal operations are compliant with current legislation
Supervision and auditing of asbestos removal operations
Dust, Noise and Vibration Environmental monitoring
Soil Testing, Inspection & Analysis
WAC Testing

Our unrivalled level of expertise means that you can rely on us to deliver an exceptional experience, Armstrong York collaborate with you and your key partners sharing our knowledge to guarantee outstanding results.

We would be delighted given the opportunity to provide any of the aforementioned services on any current or forthcoming projects /schemes; please contact us.
We look forward to not only establishing but building a prosperous relationship between the two companies.

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