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. . ASBESTOSAFE® a true 100% eco friendly overlay roofing system.

ASBESTOSAFE® Is a system that is environmentally friendly, its 100% Re-use no landfill abuse, there is no expensive and risky asbestos removal involved, absolutely no need to empty that garage or room - installation involves minimal Disturbance. ASBESTOSAFE ® is Robust, non fragile, vandal proof, will not dent, crease, buckle or more importantly, break or collapse if trespassed* (all within reason*) and ASBESTOSAFE ® does not have perishable fixings. Once applied ASBESTOSAFE ® provides a sturdy flat top surface ready for the application one of our modern, purpose made high performance waterproofing systems. Most profiles can be overlaid and the standard profiles (6 & 3) are readily available, other profiles are subject to manufacture. The average increase in height of the roof surface once ASBESTOSAFE ® has been installed is 35mm/ 1¾ The added weight is approx 2kg per m2 but that extra load is zeroed once the system has been installed as the fixing method actually strengthens the existing corrugated sheets. In most cases the existing roof structure does need any further supports allowing immediate installation of the system without any added costs.
Once applied it creates a maintainable, Low Maintenance, stronger and durable roof - preventing further deterioration of the corrugated sheets. The main waterproofing system can easily be upgraded/refurbished when/if necessary, no need to strip it all off, just overlay. Unlike alternatives, it also eliminates the condensation problem associated with corrugated roofs providing thermal stability (Thermal values - u-46w/m2k) resulting in a longer life span for the roofing membranes and its substructure and there is nothing there that can rot or decay, all materials used as impervious to water ingress.Remember
ASBESTOSAFE® is a true 100% eco friendly overlay roofing system.that re-uses the existing corrugated sheets, An ASBESTOSAFE® roofing system creates no landfill 100 % recycled

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