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Organic Waste Degrading Biocomplex - Control of Odour, FOG, Leachates, Hydrocarbons

A new company with a totally organic and natural product which converts waste and locks down nutrients as fertilizers. There are no negative impacts and the biocomplex can be used safely in a variety of sectors. The biocomplex was originally developed for Inhibitor control within microbial waste to energy/ Anaerobic Digestion. Nitrogen and Sulfur are locked down into the digestate, protecting against ammonia collapse and sour biogas, tanks are seeded and fermentation accelerated reducing feedstock retention times.

Recently Approved for 'Organic' farm use in the treatment of wastes and now provides a nutrient rich compost.

Now being used to convert arising odours/ gases (ammonia & hydrogen sulfide) from shellfish processing at a facility in Scotland, preventing EA prohibitions. Also treating leachates and effluent from waste by-products.

The biocomplex is ideal for use within waste collection and processing at MRF's to treat odour, leachates, sludges and drainage systems.

The biocomplex degrades crude oil and is starting to be used in Land Remediation projects. Treatment is insitu on brown field sites and provides an added bonus of dust suppression.

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