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Microalgae-based biomimicry - reduce air pollution, produce oxygen & biomass.

BiomiTech is a company, which specialises in the development of environmentally friendly technologies. We believe that the solution to counteract the harmful effects of the global warming is in nature itself. That is why we use biological material to reduce the air pollution levels that affect people`s health.

Air pollution causes around 7 million deaths worldwide and at least 50 thousand in the UK each year (WHO), and at least 9,400 in London. Bringing the breathing capacity of a forest into the city could reduce cases of asthma, diabetes, lung cancer, stroke cases, heart disease and other poor air quality related ailments.

BiomiTech have developed a range of innovative air purification systems that harness the natural capacity of algae microorganisms to thrive in polluted environments. The BioUrban units capture pollutant gases and particles (CO2, CO, NO2, VOC`s, PM 10 and 2.5). BiomiTech`s patented bio filtration system allow us to transform these emissions into oxygen.

BiomiTech turns a problem into a solution, the more pollution the more the algae grows and photosynthisises CO2 into O2. Algal blooms in waters are usually headline news for causing environmental problems, however, they are an indicator of environmental pollution that acts as a food source for the algae.

Just one BioUrban 2.0 outdoor microalgae `tree` equals the air purification capacity of 368 eucalyptus trees. As a byproduct, the waste microalgae can be used as raw material to produce value-added products such as biogas & biofuels, thus creating a circular bioeconomy.

The BioUrban range has been created for - underground stations, airports, shopping centers, school playgrounds, lecture halls, ventilation & air conditioning systems, parks, road junctions, service stations, bus stops and hospitals...or anywhere there are high levels of carbon dioxide and air pollutants.

BiomiTech 2.0 urban 'microalgae trees' are fitted with air quality sensors and the performance is monitored via a web platform, all the information from the BioUrban trees are collected together to show how much pollution the BiomiTech Urban Forest is sequestering, we`re starting with London as the first Urban Forest. The more BiomiTech`s installed the cleaner the air and benefit for all.

Air pollution filtration, oxygenation & creation of biomass for 3rd generation biofuels, that's a triple win - plus they look amazing if we do say so ourselves. What do you think?

Get in touch to see how we can help your organisation reduce its carbon footprint by installing units at your location and / or sponsoring a 'microalgae tree' in a high pollution zone.

Come see for yourself, this show is the UK launch of the BioUrban range.

We will have the BioUrban 1.0 indoor version and the BioUrban 2.0 the outdoor or mall / atrium 'microalgae tree', unfortunately there is not enough room on the stand for the microalgae bus stop version!

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