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Carey Group Plc

The Carey Group is a leading engineering, construction and resource recovery business operating across the UK and Ireland. We have undertaken extensive land remediation works utilising our in-house remediation equipment to clean contamination and enable development of a range of sites.

Our in-house team is comprised of a range of personnel, including asbestos removal specialists from ION Environmental and contamination specialists from Careys Civil Engineering working under the direct supervision of our earthworks and remediation manager, as well as waste recovery services through Seneca Resource Recovery.

Our team is supported by our extensive fleet of specialist plant, including a multi-million pound soil engineering plant which enables us to undertake processing of material up to hazardous waste classification. The soil engineering plant is deployed under our Environment Agency Mobile Plant Licence, which allows us to remediate contaminated sites and recycled products including coarse and fine aggregates.

We also run an on-site laboratory to undertaking real time chemical and soil analysis for both heavy metals and hydrocarbons to determine the composition, quality, contaminants, and potential options for remediation. This on-site process is independently verified by our Environmental consultancy partner AAe and with testing undertaken by Chemtest.

We are fully equipped to make the entire process of testing, reporting and remediating as timely and cost-effective as possible and are well-placed to address a range of ground contaminants encountered on sites as a one stop shop.

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