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Chilbolton Aerial Systems

Chilbolton Aerial Systems (CAS) is a dynamic risk mitigation company that deploys state-of-the-art unmanned aerial system (UAS) technology in the fight against explosive remnants of war (ERW).

Utilising the very latest in sensor and drone technology, CAS augments dated ERW clearance methodologies with 21st century technology to create a safer, quicker, and cost effective alternative to traditional manual landmine clearance.

Our bespoke unmanned systems enable full automation ensuring ERW surveys are highly accurate to provide full survey coverage of the risk area. Linked with highly accurate RTKGPS and following predefined survey patterns, Chilbolton Aerial Systems certifies quality as standard. The CAS team have been at the forefront of driving UAS technology since 2010 and are holders of the first ever Operational Safety Case approval.

The CAS operators are the only operators able to fly a 22kg aircraft to within 10m of the public, day or night, in rural or urban environments.

Chilbolton`s Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)has been selected to demonstrate how the UAS can provide the British Army and wider defence community with enhanced future ground search capabilities.

Application of the UAS can be utilised across a number of projects ranging from:
- Humanitarian de-mining
- Cluster munitions clearance
- ERW survey for construction
- ERW survey for oil and gas
- Battlefield area clearance.
For more information on CAS applications and capabilities or operator experience and qualifications please send an email to

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