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Cobra Hydro UK Ltd

Cobra Hydro UK LTD, An Odour Management Specialist Company.

Products, Equipment and Servicing
Dry Vapour Unit
Our Dry Vapour Units (DVU) have been developed to neutralize odours within the waste-water industries, water industries, food & drink processing industries and hospitality industry. The DVU utilises an innovative process of natural plant oil extracts, when the DVU is operated, it produces a vapour which is forced through a flexible hosing or rigid piping system.
The vapour produced, captures and neutralises H2S, ammonia, methane and other heavy odours. Our DVU system is an innovative and environmentally friendly, odour control system.
It does not require water and uses (depending on odour) between 2 and 2.5 litres per week, compared to thousands of litres of water used in high/low pressure systems currently used by waste water and water companies. Applications: Uses within industrial buildings where machinery, such as centrifuges are placed, within cake holding bays, digesters, tanks, in and around primary & secondary tanks.

High Pressure Misting Systems
We build, assemble and install our High Pressure Misting Systems to our clients` needs and specifications. We can also incorporate a Wind, Speed & Direction unit to the High Pressure Misting system which enables a more efficient system with both water and electrical costs. This system can be fitted with stainless steel, brass or plastic nozzles, depending on the type of hazardous environment where the system will be installed. Applications: Cake holding bays, digesters, tanks, in and around primary & secondary tanks, clarifiers and lagoons.
Atom Neutralising Liquids

Cobra Hydro UK Ltd currently supplies a variety of assorted neutralizing oils. These oils are imbued with fragrances, such as Fresh Linen, Sea Breeze, Cherry, Eucalyptus, Bubble-gum and Strawberry to name a few. These oils are then mixed with water and dispersed through our High Pressure Misting Systems. Applications: Cake holding bays, digesters, tanks, in and around primary & secondary tanks, clarifiers and lagoons.

Anaerobic Neutralising Liquid
Cobra ANL is a liquid blend of pre-selected autotrophic microbes that are able to convert sulphides into element sulphur. By dosing Cobra ANL into the sewage networks, sulphide is removed. Cobra ANL is a microbial formulation containing friendly bacteria capable of degrading volatile fatty acids.

The microbes within the Cobra ANL fluid uses the fatty acids as their food source, converting them into a new bio mass, creates CO2 and reduces septic odours from the sewer networks. This in turn allows the microbes to reproduce and grow producing the new biomass continuing the cycle. The ANL system is a low volume product which compared to sodium chloride or sodium nitrate only needs 0.5 to 1.0sqm2 of installation space. Also, the cost savings of dosing with ANL instead of sodium chloride or sodium nitrate typically averages at 40-45%. Applications: H2S reduction within sewage lines

Bio-POP Blocks
The Bio-Blocks are fabricated of a slowly dissolving matrix within a durable porous netting. They are designed to be placed inside a grease trap, pumping station or sewer line.
The Bio-Blocks contain environmentally friendly and safe microbes that are specifically selected, to break down the organic contaminants (FOG) commonly found in food preparation and domestic waste water. Bio-Blocks are supplied in a variety of weights depending on the size of the tank, trap or sewerage line needed. Applications: Wet-wells, manhole chambers, traps, municipal sewage networks, sewage treatment plants

Anti-Odour Carbon Filters - We are currently supplying and installing a range of carbon filters that are designed to neutralize odours that have escaped the sewage network into the outside environment. The carbon filters can be fitted inside manhole chambers, vent stacks or installed inside an existing vent stack pipe. We can also install free standing carbon filters to size specification (up to 4m diameter). These will typically have control panels and extraction fans (ATEX if required) Applications: Wet-well pumping stations, manhole chambers, sewage works and vent stacks.

Acoustic Barriers
Our Acoustic Barriers can reduce unwanted noise up to 32dB. They are generally fixed to `Heras` type fencing and are supplied in two width sizes, 1.8 and 3.6m. Applications: Reduces unwanted noise from pumps, generators, heavy cutting, grinding, drilling and sawing tools.

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