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DCR Inspection Systems

Expanding from small beginnings, DCR have now grown to eight full time employees, supplying equipment to drainage companies throughout the UK and Abroad, with customers as far a field as Australia! A friendly and knowledgeable repair service has been the key to our continued success.

Based in a workshop in South Wales, DCR now have a fully stocked shop for all your drainage needs, including a selection of crawlers, push-rods, pipe cleaning, repair consumables and more.

Our partnerships with some of the biggest suppliers to the drainage industry, including our recent partnership with Mini-Cam, and our long time partnerships including Ibos, WinCan, Ridgid, Pipe Doctor, Wardsflex and Bailey Products, have allowed us to offer advice and assistance on the selection of new equipment and consumables.

At DCR, we pride ourselves in being able to repair the majority of camera equipment in use today. A fast, friendly and cost effective operation small enough to help the one man operation and large enough to tackle full main line rigs.

We're also the proud innovators and designers of the ManUp Key.

The ManUp Key introduces a revolutionary, new and unique design - specifically manufactured to a high standard to tackle the most stubborn and resistant manholes. With conventional, most commonly available manhole keys, lifting can be an arduous and difficult process. Manholes which have rusted or wedged-in are notoriously difficult to release, requiring a lot of physical effort, chiseling and hammering. The clever design of the ManUp key allows it to generate an upwards force capable of freeing a manhole of up to 1.5 tonnes, similar to a slide hammer, transforming the lifting process into an easy, one-man job which is safer, much easier and importantly does not damage the manhole in the process, avoiding costly repairs or replacements.


Jason Cornock, DynoRod says:

"We have been using the ManUp Key and we are very impressed. This has saved us time on the job and is a lot safer than using pry bars. An excellent piece of equipment that all our engineers will now be carrying in their van"

The 4 most common keys available as interchangeable tips for the ManUp Key include 30mm and 20mm flat and 12mm, 10mm threaded.

Designed in-house, we are confident and proud of our product. We know it'll make your life easier and safer. For more information, demonstration videos and to buy, visit

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