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Eden Eco Solutions Ltd

Combining innovation with sustainability results in better profits and environment is our belief at Eden Eco Solution. We support both local and global clients who have a progressive and responsible outlook towards managing, and wherever possible reducing, the impact of their business upon the environment.

Businesses are increasingly recognising the importance of demonstrating their commitment to work in a socially responsible manner including protection of the environment. It makes good economic sense to review business practices with regard to the environmental impact of your people and operations. We recognise the importance of understanding our customers` business objectives and working with them on an individual basis to find the best solutions. We seek to meet these objectives in ways that are aligned with the best interests of our environment. We will demonstrate how changes in your policies, practices and processes with regard to waste, water and energy can be good for your business, and great for our world.

One of our most exciting innovative technologies is a rapid biothermic digester that is reducing mass by up to 60% or volume by 95% of organic waste. This is achieved within 48-72 hours. The greater the volume of organic waste the more effective the technology, however if you have >30% organic waste then you`d be interested to visit us at the exhibition or listen to one of our seminars.

We are excited to see a growing number of businesses, including many of the world`s largest corporations, embracing The three P`s of Sustainability: People, Planet & Profits. We aim to operate by these values and seek to build a business that is not only driven by a strong social mission, but is focused on providing outstanding customer service in the process.

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