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enitial is a leading independent provider of emission and pollution monitoring, control and management services located throughout the UK. Our environmental monitoring and sampling activities cover gas, landfill gas, surface water level, flow and quality, groundwater level, recharge and quality, noise, air quality, soil contamination and effluent. A unique offering of environmental expertise from experienced personnel combined with innovative control equipment ensure clients have a cost-effective and compliant solution.

enitial has a team of personnel with direct experience of the management of landfill sites and the operation of environmental control and monitoring systems. These staff have worked in senior positions in major waste operators and are familiar with delivery of cost-effective solutions recognising regulatory compliance and public safety.

Management services include complete closed landfill management, facilities management, specialist investigation services such as pumping trials, control infrastructure evaluation and diagnosis, project management, bespoke data capture, management and reporting along with dedicated training programmes.

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