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EnriCH4 Ltd

Transforming food waste for good.

We own and operate a group AD and waste management facilities, including two of the first commercial AD plants in the country.

Northwick Power

Commissioned in 2010, Northwick Power is located on a 7-acre site set within a 2500-acre rural estate. Permitted to process up to 70k tonnes per annum Northwick is capable of producing 5MWe.

Local Generation

Commissioned in 2011, Local Generation is located on a 7-acre and was the second operational plant within the group. The facility had a three stage ramp up from 30k to 45k to 120k tonnes per annum and generates 5MWe of energy.

Codford Biogas

Commissioned late 2012, Codford is located on a 5-acre site of a redundant dairy in the middle of East Farm, Codford. Permitted to process 100k tonnes per annum, the plant generates 3.7 MWe of electricity, which is sufficient to supply up to 4,000 homes or 10,000 people.

Hemswell Biogas

Commissioned late 2015, Hemswell Biogas is located on a 5-acre site in the middle of Lincolnshire, permitted to process 90k tonnes of food waste per annum, it is capable of producing 5MWe of energy.

Changing Waste

A highly versatile organic waste transfer station designed to process 250,000 tonnes of Organics, Oils, Glass and other difficult to manage waste streams. With a large fleet of vehicles ranging from tankers to Skips and bulker tippers, we are able to carry out collections, cost effectively and promptly.

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