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Envirolab provides soil and water contamination testing laboratory services. Our clients include environmental consultants, site investigation and civil engineering contractors, and local authorities, nationally and internationally.

We have a licence to accept soil from anywhere in the world to support clients that work internationally.

Our reputation for excellence is built on our flexibility and our willingness to adapt procedures and to go the extra mile for clients.

We are truly different. Our highly qualified analytical chemists, along with the experienced civil and environmental engineers on our management team, differentiate us from other laboratories in our field.

Our technical team is always available to help and advise clients, from project inception and design then throughout the testing process.

Our services include:

Provision of sample containers
We offer same- and next-day delivery of sample containers. Just let us know what analysis you require and we will make sure you have the correct containers to prevent deviations.

Courier collection of samples
From your site or from an office, just request a collection before noon on the day you require it.

Asbestos analysis
We report all asbestos analysis as soon as our laboratory completes it, which gives you the opportunity to request any additional asbestos analysis while your other analysis is still under way.

Hazardous waste assessment
Using our Minimum Haswaste suite or your contaminants-of-concern suite, we can complete a hazardous waste assessment in line with current Environment Agency guidelines. If you do not have the expertise in-house or the time, we can save you time - and potentially money - on waste disposal.

Waste acceptance criteria (WAC) analysis
We offer single-stage (10:1) WAC suites on a four-day turnaround and two-stage (2:1 and 8:1) WAC suites on a five-day turnaround. Our WAC reports highlight all exceedances to give you confidence and thus saving you time.

Accelerated turnarounds
If you need your report faster just ask. More than 70% of our projects are scheduled on a five-day turnaround or faster. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Dedicated client manager
We will assign you a dedicated client manager so that you can be sure that we will keep you up to date on the progress of your projects.

Convenient reporting day or night with our online OWL tool
Our default report format is Excel, PDF and AGS (v3.1 or 4.0); CSV reports are available on request. Access to real-time results and previous reports is available online.

Generic or site-specific assessment criteria
We can provide you with an Excel report that highlights any results that exceed your requested generic assessment criteria. All you need to do is advise us what your assessment criteria are in advance and you will get the generic assessment criteria report at the same time as our default Excel, PDF and AGS reports

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