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Environmental International Corporation

Environmental International Corporation (EIC) invented the original NET™ for NAPL remediation and other patented and patent-pending technologies for assessing and remediating NAPL spills on land and water. Conventional remedial technologies often produce large volumes of contaminated water (with a dismal 3% NAPL-water ratios) that is expensive to treat and dispose, impeding progress at gasworks or other NAPL impacted sites. In striking contrast, EIC has successfully applied its unique NET™-based remedial approach to match recovery to recharge even at fractional recovery rates and declining recharge conditions, thereby increasing the NAPL recovery efficiency to greater than 99% NAPL-water ratios. At less than 100 watts of energy demand, NET™ can utilize solar, wind, or line power, highly efficient but simple processes, and automation to significantly reduces the overall life cycle costs at NAPL impacted sites.

From LNAPL remediation at a bedrock site in the English Midlands to DNAPL remediation in the Kempton gravels within the London Burroughs, EIC`s approach has optimized NAPL recovery at significantly lower lifecycle costs. EIC has designed, implemented, operated, and maintained LNAPL and DNAPL remediation systems for petrochemical refineries, storage terminals and pipelines facilities; legacy gasworks, wood-treating, landfill and brownfield sites; and at electric utilities, industrial facilities and military installations.

Since 1994, EIC has successfully completed numerous projects utilizing innovative multimedia products & services to address air, noise, water, wastewater, hazardous waste, solid wastes, landfill, and related multimedia impacts. Our growing client base includes port authorities, warehouse facilities, energy industry, petrochemical facilities, manufacturing facilities, insurance and law firms, financial institutions, waste management industries, and government agencies. Headquartered in the Atlanta metro area in the United States, EIC provides multimedia environmental services in The Caribbean, The Americas, Europe, and Asia.

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