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Envirotreat Technologies Ltd

Envirotreat is a specialist remediation solution provider with over 20 years' experience in the design and delivery of sustainable and cost-effective treatment solutions for wide range of soil and groundwater contamination issues. We have completed over 150 projects across the UK on a range of brownfield sites including gas works, engineering works, plating works, petrol stations, landfills and harbours to address contamination issues and deliver sites for subsequent retail, commercial or residential redevelopment.

At the heart of the Envirotreat process is the patented E-Clay technology, comprising of a range of advanced modified smectite clays (E-Clay) that are specifically designed for each respective site to treat a wide range of problematic pollutants, this has included Hexavalent Chromium, chlorinated solvents, spent oxide (blue billy) and tributyl tin. The E-Clay is a versatile technology that enables on site applications for in situ or ex situ source treatment, groundwater treatment in Permeable Reactive Barriers or as a combination of the two. Source treatment can be undertaken both ex-situ (fully excavating the source contamination) or in-situ (where the soils are treated without the need to excavate). The primary aim of strategy is the immobilisation of the contaminants of concern, however recent developments in the technologies have included source reduction to meet with greater clean-up criteria. Groundwater treatment is achieved by the design and installation of a soil mixed E-Clay permeable reactive barrier to intercept the natural flow of groundwater, the E-Clay is designed to be permeable and maintain a high affinity for contaminant removal. The barrier design is such that there are no on going maintenance requirements or any above ground structures / plant to hinder site operations.

In addition to our core remediation capabilities, Envirotreat can offer supplementary services including, soil management for off site disposal, asbestos management, Japanese Knotweed management, physical stabilsiation and general civils works.

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