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eviFile is a unique field data collection and reporting platform that preserves and authenticates a visible chain of digital evidence, essential for making commercial decisions and demonstrating regulatory compliance. eviFile delivers digital photographic evidence that complies with ACPO* digital evidence standards to provide tamper proof evidence.

eviFile can help organisations to deliver enterprise level quality assurance in construction, utilities, logistics and many other situations where evidence is needed to close out a complex process.

eviFile can be configured for any process across a variety of sectors to deliver visibility, flexibility and compliance. Mobile ready and accessible, the platform can be used on smartphones, tablets and desktop devices, with all data securely managed in the cloud.

The platform enables real-time access to all data collected in the field. Using photographic evidence, digital signature, date, time and geolocation stamping, users have absolute proof that an inspection or analysis was undertaken at a particular time and in a particular place, by an authorised and competent individual.

This is particularly beneficial to customers working in heavily regulated environments or subject to exacting legal frameworks, contracts and service level agreements.

eviFile will work independently or directly integrate into a corporate network that may include CRM systems, finance systems and central databases. This will show photographic proof of works completed or complex processes being adhered to and legislation correctly followed and applied*.

* Built to the Association of Chief Police Officer`s (ACPO), eviFile adheres to the principles laid out by the Home Office in the ACPO guidelines, referencing Digital Forensic Inspection and the levels of authenticity required for capturing data for submission as evidence in legal disputes

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