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Filtermist International Limited

Filtermist protects people from exposure to hazardous airborne particles.

The company was acquired by the Swedish Absolent Group in 2010 and is now responsible for fellow Absolent Group companies Dustcheck Ltd, Multi-Fan Systems Ltd, Bristol T&G International GmbH, DCS Ltd, Gallito Ltd, Ecogate Ltd and Cades Ltd. It is also the UK distributor for sister company Absolent AB.

Absolent Group companies offer a wide range of products and services designed to ensure the air in industrial workplaces is free from contaminants including oil mist, dust, smoke, fume and VOCs so it is safe to breathe.

Exposure to airborne particles can cause a wide range of health issues including respiratory diseases such as COPD, occupational asthma and allergic extrinsic alveolitis, as well as skin diseases such as dermatitis.

Absolent Group companies operate in a wide range of industries including aerospace, agriculture, automotive, food production, medical device manufacture, packaging, pharmaceutical and rail.

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