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Gasmet Technologies (UK) Ltd

Gasmet manufacture leading Continuous Emission Monitoring & Mercury Monitoring Systems certified to the highest performance standard EN15267-3 (MCERTS, TUV) with QAL1 as defined by EN14181. Coupled with outstanding service we help our customers demonstrate regulatory compliance within the Waste Incineration industry.
Gasmet FTIR can measure up to 50 gases simultaneously within 1 minute.
In addition to measuring and storing the gas concentrations we also store the measured FTIR spectra allowing further post measurement investigation for checking if other gases are present including the measured gas values at a later date.
With a range of FTIR models to choose from including battery, mains power, and heated analysers for condensing gas samples, Gasmet's rugged range of industrial FTIR are suitable for a variety Industrial, Environmental and Safety applications. Providing our customer measurements systems they can rely on for many years.

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