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Gasmet Technologies (UK) Ltd

Gasmet manufactures robust, accurate and compact ambient air portable FTIR gas analysers for a wide variety of applications such as safety (Container Monitoring, First response, Fire & Material Testing, Industrial Hygiene) and environment - greenhouse gas cycle and air pollution monitoring (including soil flux, emissions from animals and urban sources). The key features are portability, simultaneous measurements at very low gas detection limit with very high precision. The Gasmet GT5000 TERRA is the smallest, portable and splashproof multigas FTIR analyser and it can be used to measure up to 50 components simultaneously and addition of new measurement parameters is easy, without any need of hardware changes. The sample cell is at ambient temperature providing low energy consumption for maximum battery life.
Key advantages:

• Simultaneous measurements of all gases

• Intuitive and easy-to-use software

• Splashproof, IP54 rated

• Wireless connectivity

• Remote operability

• Battery operation

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