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Green Sword Environmental Ltd

Microbial science innovations making our world cleaner and safer.
Award winning Green Sword developed a microbial product that cleans and degrades oil contaminations in soil, water and hard surfaces. Certified toxicity free and bio degradable up to 99% in 28 days. The product derived from a proprietary liquid and blends of natural bacterial biodegradable compounds, has been verified unique at University of Ulster. Certifed to US and EU standards for use in soil and marine environments.
Currently Green Sword treat heating oil spills for both public and private sector customers across N.Ireland. The Green Sword method applies Bio Treatments to the oil in situ which degrades the oil contamination fast with no environmental impact. This prevents digging out and processing hazardous oil contaminated waste off site. Where heating oil has percolated under buildings the Green Sword solution has proven to be less intrusive, lower cost and safe for the environment. Green Sword are now launching their new non hazardous cleaning products developed for the vehicle washing industry.

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