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Greenwall Environmental Innovation ( Cornwall ) LTD


Asbestos was used in multiple global products. The challenge across the world is to quickly identify and contain this deadly material, therefore samples are taken for analysis.

Current methods of detecting and recording the presence of asbestos are costly, invasive and slow. Samples are taken and sent to a laboratory for analysis, this can take 2 days.


Asbestoprobe will transform this method by utilising NIR spectroscopy and Artificial Intelligence within a hand held device. A point and click approach will enable the analysis of asbestos in real time.

Asbestoprobe takes the existing reporting process using the Asbestoprobe App from 2 DAYS TO 2 MINUTES!

Greenwall has been awarded an aerospace grant of £160,000 to enable asbestos analysis in the recycling of redundant aircraft.

Greenwall's business plan works on a "pay per click" model which grows through recurring revenue year on year.

Greenwall have an increasing Global enquiry data base which eagerly awaits its launch.


Asbestos detection has become one of the leading H&S issues of our time. We estimate the annual global market for asbestos management to be in excess of $1Billion, with the UK asbestos market for surveying and analysis to be in excess of £240m.

Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of asbestos are still being mined and used across the globe today.

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