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HBB GeoSales Ltd

HBB GeoSales Ltd is a supplier & fabricator of Geosynthetic Cover, Liner, Barrier & Geotextile materials which includes a range of products used within the Remediation / Brownfield Industry.

Products include:

- Contaminated soil containment liners
- Contaminated soil windrow covers, including our RESPIRA 150 breathable cover
- Japanese Knotweed & Root Barrier membranes
- Temporary & Final Capping membranes
- Alarm High Visibility Geotextile
- Pond / Lagoon Liners
- Woven & Nonwoven Geotextiles
- Geogrids

All our products are available in roll form as well as client specific sized pre-welded panels which are produced in our UK based fabrication workshop.
Panels are available up to 30m wide x 150m long (longer if required), accordion folded and then rewound onto strong centres.
Pre-welded panels significantly reduce the amount of onsite jointing required and on some occasions completely removes the need for any onsite jointing.

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