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GP® TITANTECH MEMBRANES - Worlds first independent certification

Unique construction membranes proven to protect against moisture and in-ground environmental hazards have set new standards following independent certification.
GP® TITANTECH construction membranes from JUTA UK LTD are the first products of their kind to combine water resistance with protection against hazardous gases, VOC vapours, hydrocarbons and other chemicals that may be present in contaminated land, providing an innovative and durable solution to problems faced on construction sites worldwide.

For developers of brownfield and contaminated land the GP® TITANTECH family of products - TITANFLEX®, TITANTANK® and TITANBOND® - represent a major step forward in safeguarding projects against gaseous and chemical contamination. JUTA UK has invested heavily in testing the system, ensuring the products are fit for purpose and designed to last for the lifetime of the structure.

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