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Laser Diagnostic Instruments AS

Money-Saving Industrial Solution and Environmental Protection

Ask any company whether they care about their environmental impact and the viability of their local water source, the resounding response will be YES! Ask them to make the investments for precautionary environmental measures, then the issue of added costs elicits hesitation.

LDI manufactures the Remote Optical Watcher (ROW) oil on water detector for the express purpose to monitor the influent or effluent water from industries ranging from manufacturing to power generation to the oil sector. Where drinking or waste water treatment facilities need to be protected, the ROW provides excellent early warning against oil contamination. The ROW is a non-contact instrument requiring no maintenance, usually associated with cleaning in-water probes. LDI`s R&D team has done an amazing job designing an instrument to detect minute traces and a wide range of oils, all in a device that withstands harsh environmental conditions. Whether to monitor the reliability of your industrial processing or the health of heavy machinery like water turbines, the ROW makes protecting your valuable industrial assets a priority. The ability to protect your local water environment? - That is just an added benefit. Visit the LDI booth at the Contamination Exhibition.

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