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Log 9 Materials Scientific Private Limited

Log 9 Materials is a IIT Roorkee spin-off working in the Nanotechnology Domain. Log 9 focusses on Graphene Nanotechnology, with an aim to innovate and develop end user commercial applications of the wonder material 'Graphene'. The startup started working on various endless possibilities that Graphene holds in fields like filtration, energy storage etc.

Log 9 Materials is ready to commercialize and manufacture top quality products in industrial clean up, oil leaks and spills made using our competency and know-how of the material Graphene. Our oil sorbents can absorb oil, petrol chemicals or other hydrocarbon-based liquids.Owing to the superior properties of Graphene, our products are able to absorb up to 86 times their own weight and have been tested against British Standards by third party laboratories and has also been certified safe to incinerate and dispose. Moreover the technology is at par with conventional sorbent technologies in terms of cost and on the same hand has much higher removal efficiencies.

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