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Microlin Cooper

Microlin Cooper began in the United Kingdom 25 years ago as family business and has since expanded into a thriving hub for health and safety.

We specialise in the supply of high performance industrial safety gloves and safety masks. Our high quality products are supplied both in the UK and internationally. Our strong relationships with our UK and overseas customers allows us to understand the world of health and safety on a global level.

We create and innovate our products to keep up with the pace of the ever changing demands of the health and safety sector. Our aim is to manufacture products which satisfy the demands required in the health and safety market while following the needs and wants of the customer in question. At Microlin Cooper we strongly believe in working with our customers in order to ensure they receive exactly what they desire.

From our own label `Klass` to specific customer own branding, what makes Microlin Cooper unique is our flexibility. We thrive on our ability to customise our range of gloves and manufacture bespoke products according to what the customer requests.

At an extremely exciting time in the health and safety industry we know the future is full of opportunities and our doors are always open to our current and future customers who wish to discuss how we can help each other to remain competitive and unique in this market

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