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NAQTS is passionate about improving awareness of indoor air quality through widespread public and commercial monitoring using our holistic, high-quality, air pollution monitoring technology.

Our technology incorporates the latest developments in low-cost sensor technologies, alongside a regulatory grade Condensation Particle Counter, Thermal Desorption tubes, and other environmental measurements, the NAQTS V2000 is a portable air quality monitoring station designed to be easy-to-use for high-volume, lower-cost air quality measurements. Users can interact with the NAQTS V2000 using an HTML Web Socket driven on most browsers and platforms, and the data is stored in a MySQL relational database management system and can be directly uploaded to the cloud.

The NAQTS V2000 has been used by many different clients, for many different applications, including:

Homes - Investigating the sources, concentrations, and mitigation strategies for air pollution both generated from household habits and activities, as well as from outdoor ingress. This work with Lancaster University also investigates the dichotomy between promoting good indoor air quality & energy efficiency, as modern buildings are considered particularly problematic because of the use of more energy-efficient construction, poorly designed heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and space design.

Vehicles - Despite the relatively short period of time spent in vehicles (approximately one hour per day), exposure levels are of concern given the immediate proximity to other vehicles, plus in urban areas, high ambient concentrations compared to other micro-environments. NAQTS has collaborated with Emissions Analytics Ltd to benchmark vehicles on their vehicle interior air quality, which utilises the NAQTS V2000 for simultaneous measurements of inside and outside vehicles to understand Ingress Ratio (how much ambient pollution is getting into the vehicle cabin) and Stuffiness (how well the vehicle is ventilating CO2).

Schools - A socioeconomic group of particular importance are children, as they are especially susceptible to air pollution. More than just exhibiting negative health consequences, exposure to air pollution has also been associated with poor academic performance among school- aged children. The NAQTS V2000 has been used for `citizen science` activities to measure air quality inside and outside the classroom.

The NAQTS team has over 30 years` experience in public policy, engineering, chemistry, physics, business development, marketing and sales, as well as in the development of emissions monitoring equipment. The team also has a comprehensive network in place with industry, government, and academia. The team has published in scientific journals, been granted patents and awards, and is internationally respected in the community. Moreover, the team has a passion to inspire people to take ownership of their environment and quality of life.

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