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OPS Ltd provide solutions to treat contaminated solids and water. Our core products are our electrocoagulation for water treatment, our high pressure scrubber for solids treatment and our oily interceptor sludge treatment plant.

We have treated a wide range of contaminated waters including landfill leachate, produced water, PAH contaminated ground water, PFOS contaminated fire water run-off, CAA contaminated water from timber processing facilities, Mercury contamination from recycling yard run off, PAH and TPH from steelworks lagoon water and oily tanker water containing Heavy Metals and Oil.

Our Electrocoagulation is a key unit operation but it only forms part of the solution, we often have to polish with absorbent filters or utilise biological treatment too. The EC rips through emulsions and pulls heavy metals out from the most difficult of effluents.

Our Water Treatment developed on the back of our solids washing/cleaning projects - OPS have cleaned oily sand in Kuwait, Libya, Norway and Sweden. Our high pressure scrubber is 450mm face to face but scrubs over 20tph of solids - it has been used to treat many materials such as oily soil, oily mill-scale, glass sand, shooting range soil and oily interceptor solids.

OPS is now trialling an oily interceptor sludge treatment plant which incorporates all of the above recovering a sand product from a hazardous waste.

As engineering systems integrators, we combine cost efficient `off the shelf` products with proprietary technology, integrated by process control into a single solution engineered to site conditions. Our philosophy is that energy and cost should be proportionate to the problem that you are solving.

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