Exhibiting at The Contamination Series

Paul J Mahoney Inspiring Safety Ltd

Paul is an international speaker and author on complacency. He uses his personality to delivery a powerful message on complacency to achieve that safer workplace from board to site.
Health and Safety is a dry subject and not always well received, by using real life examples in popular culture and sport, Paul has find a way of delivering a powerful, yet light-hearted message to inspire and question attitudes.

It`s important to speak at the Contamination Expo as in a hazardous industry, the thing you don't need is complacent people, teams and organisations.
If my session can help just one person to pause, act and lead in helping themselves and others to do the same and work safe and get home safe then I am a happy person in achieving that goal.
As Reagan said `We cannot help everyone, but everyone can help someone.` That is how we get safer people in the workplace.

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