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QROS Ltd, a UK company, designed and manufactures the award winning QED HC-1 on site hydrocarbon analyser. In less than 5 minutes soil or water samples can be analysed to give quantitative results for BTEX, GRO, TPH, total aromatics, sum 16 PAHs and BaP, as well as provide a reliable identification of the hydrocarbon type present.
The QED has excellent correlation with standard laboratory analysis but at a lower per sample cost and provides all the information needed for classifying oily waste hazard categories under WM3.
The QED is used worldwide and in the US has been accepted as an alternative to Method 8015, the laboratory method used for TPH analysis around the world, including the UK. The QED results are accepted by the regulator for confirmation of site investigation and remediation projects. In 2015, the US Department of Transportation after an 18 month evaluation recommended that the QED is used for all investigations where TPH is expected to be present due to the major cost savings it enables.
QROS hires or sells the QED as well as other advanced on site chemical analysers for contaminated land projects. QROS Ltd is an authorised distributor of Olympus portable X Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysers for heavy metals analysis
In the UK, the Environment Agency in its 2016 MCERTS statement, states that on site analysis results from methods like the QED can be used for regulatory purposes as part of the data package. The EA supports the use of rapid measurement techniques because they have been shown to significantly reduce the cost of site investigations and remediation and to improve the overall quality of the analytical data package submitted to the regulator.
The latest generation of rapid analysis methods have similar or better accuracy and reproducibility compared to conventional fixed based laboratory methods.

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