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SafeLane Global

SafeLane remediates land and marine environments contaminated by explosive threats and hazardous materials, creating safer spaces for clients and communities globally.
It is trusted by over 10,000 clients and has been serving sectors including energy, construction, infrastructure, oil, gas, mining and seismic for 30 years.
As an end-to-end service provider, it creates bespoke solutions focused on individual client needs. Services delivered include:

• Desktop, non-intrusive and intrusive surveys for explosive threats
• Explosive ordnance detection and hazardous threat identification
• Contamination management, mitigation and clearance
• Consultation, QA/QC and training
• Geotechnical, geothermal and geo-civil solutions including drilling and boreholes

Its agile and responsive approach enables it to rapidly deploy personnel, equipment and comprehensive solutions to clients anywhere in the world - on land and in water: from chemical munitions dump sites in the Baltic to the beaches of the Falklands Islands, from construction sites in Berlin to the Docklands of London.
Wherever SafeLane Global goes, it breathes new life into unsafe environments, and positively transforms communities and the lives of those living and working within them.

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