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Sensoil's Vadose-zone Monitoring System: Real-time sensing of the unsaturated domain

Real-time monitoring of the unsaturated zone is key for groundwater protection against pollution hazards.
Sensoil's patented Vadose-zone Monitoring System is designed to provide continuous real-time information on the hydraulic and chemical properties of the percolating water in deep vadose zone through in-situ measurements of natural undisturbed conditions.

Minimization of subsurface pollution and optimization of remediation efficiency depend on reliable and effective monitoring tools that provide real-time information on the chemical and hydrological state of the percolating water.

Sensoil's Vadose-zone Monitoring System Applications:
• Water quality control under INFILTRATION FACILITIES (enhanced infiltration facilities of treated waste-water; stream and urban runoff infiltration reservoirs)
• Quality control of infiltrating water near sensitive GROUNDWATER SOURCES (well protection radius)
• Quality validation of LANDFILL leaches
• Optimization of HEAP LEACHING conditions (managing the heap leach pad hydro-chemical conditions through real time information of the unsaturated sediments)
• Low level fuel leaks from GAS STATIONS
• HAZARDOUS WASTE leaks from underground tanks, storage lagoons, and waste treatment facilities

Today, most monitoring programs are based on observation wells that sample groundwater. As such, identification of pollution in well water is clear evidence that the contaminants have already crossed the vadose-zone and accumulated in groundwater.
Unfortunately, only little can be done to fully remediate contaminated aquifers.

Accordingly, effective monitoring programs that aim to protect groundwater from potential pollution, must include vadose-zone monitoring technologies. These need to provide real-time information on the hydrological and chemical properties of the percolating water, long before contaminants reach the water table.

Hence, an efficient and cost effective vadose-zone monitoring system provides an "early warning" for potential contamination that may pollute groundwater.
Moreover, implementation of the vadose zone monitoring system in the vadose-zone of a site undergoing active remediation operations, provides real time information on the actual chemical and hydrological conditions in the vadose zone. This information is critical for proper assessment of the remediation strategies.

Sensoil's Vadose-zone Monitoring System is deployed in a number of countries, effectively monitoring and thus protecting groundwater pollution. The system is recognized as a crucial "early-warning" tool, and is recommended by government organizations. The patented real-time monitoring system is also deployed in varied academic research projects.

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Vadose Zone Monitoring Systems as a Key to Groundwater Protection

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