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SENSYS - Magnetometers & Survey Solutions

SENSYS is a developer and manufacturer of high precision survey and measurement equipment for geomagnetic and electromagnetic applications.

The product range comprises hand held iron detectors, multi channel systems to be carried or pushed, as well as large area survey systems towed by car, vessel or underwater ROVs, as well as flown by UAVs and drones. Beside non-invasive surveys equipment, SENSYS also produce borehole measurement systems, data analysis software and enabling GPS referencing of measurement data. Furthermore, the range of single probes and sensors is steadily growing, enabling the integration of SENSYS products into bigger systems. This is making the equipment suitable for challenging applications in the UXO detection, military, marine, archaeological and scientific area.

With more than 25 years of experience, SENSYS is not only delivering products to its customers but also taking care of training, service, repair and support.

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