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Shimadzu UK Ltd

Shimadzu a leading Japanese company, manufacturing high precision analytical instrumentation. Born from a rich history in engineering by following our core principles of Kaizen (Change for the Better) and an ethos of `Excellence in Science`.

Our strategy of innovation through extensive investment in research and development is core to Shimadzu's approach to the manufacture of innovative solutions. Research and development is supplemented with an extensive network of satellite offices in locations around the globe to support your local needs. Shimadzu also fields a strong team of academics at universities worldwide, putting it firmly at the forefront of the worldwide technical market.

Our analytical and measuring instruments, and industrial machinery are now used for a broad range of applications in a wide variety of industries. Shimadzu not only provide instrumentation to analytical labs in the environmental industry but to laboratories in the clinical, environmental, food, pharmaceutical, automotive, petrochemical and life science industries. Here they serve society by providing confidence and convenience through the business operations of our customers.

Instrumentation include:

• Chromatography (HPLC/ UHPLC/ SFC/ GC),
• Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS, GC-MS/MS, ICP-MS and MALDI-TOF
• Spectroscopy (UV-Vis, FT-IR, Fluorescence),
• Elemental Analysis (AA, ICP-OES), X-ray (EDXRF, XRD),
• Total Organic Carbon analysers

Advance technologies with robust engineering make the analysis of common environmental contaminants, such as: Microplastics, Total Organic Carbon, PAH`s, Pesticides, TPH`s, Metals and a host of other contaminants Fast, Accurate and simple.

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