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Manufacturers, designers and suppliers of advanced, automatic environmental monitoring solutions.

The Civil Engineering and Demolition Industry's inherent environmental impacts, including sound, shock, gases, vibration and air-borne particulates demand a method of control, reporting and limitation. The AEGIS is an Automated Environmental Gauging Information System designed to meet the needs of the responsible contractor and his client; as well as responsible bodies in order to meet the current H&S criteria and achieve readiness for proposed and more stringent legislation.

The AEGIS is a compact yet environmentally impact versatile range of equipment with automatic reporting and warning capability. Designed for ease of installation and use in all site situations (including those with uncertain power supply), the AEGIS units offer a cost-effective solution for both continuous and reliable monitoring and control of site issues.

Customer determined alert values ensure that contractual and legal obligations can be assured and proven. The units are capable of measuring air-borne particulates, vibration, sound (including the option of A Frequency Rating), gases- where specified and also include the option of recording weather conditions where such a necessity has been determined. This data when combined with the visual record enables the identification of key factors when investigation is found necessary.

• Continuous air-borne particulate monitoring PM1 - PM40
• Three-axis accelerometer to measure vibration mm/s
• Sound level with dbA. LA90, LA10, LAeq
• Gas sensors as a plug and play option including, PID, NO2, SO2and NOx
• Automatically created Pdf reports straight from the dash board
• Dashboard data access for users and clients
• Customer determined alert values
• Alarms and alerts via text or email
• Post mounted warning light automatically triggered to set values
• Camera with remote app and phone accessibility

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