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Smart Storm Limited

Smart Storm is the UK`s leading Manufacturer of water and waste water instrumentation and systems including water level, flow, waste water sampling and water quality measurement.

Our instrumentation differs from other manufacturers since it utilises the most advanced and latest technologies to ensure the most accurate measurement whilst offering a truly unique user-friendly programming experience, not seen in other instruments. From large touch screen, graphic displays to intuitive pictorial menu choices the Smart Storm product range is child`s play to programme and install.

We offer a complete range of water and waste water flow meters that meet the needs of all industries including food and drink, chemical, pharmaceutical, marine and agriculture. Our water quality meters are multifunctional and cover water parameters including Ammonia Fluoride, Chloride, turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen and many more ...

Being a manufacturer, Smart Storm is both knowledgeable and experienced in the measurement and application of water and waste water instrumentation.

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