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Spraystream is a misting canon that produces a mist blanket of microdroplets for IN- and OUTDOOR dust control. The mist absorbes the airborne dust particles and causes them to fall to the ground (air washing).

The Spraystream technology suppresses dust generated in crushing and demolition sites, in material storage, cross-docking of bulk goods and during the misting of spray products in agriculture and horticulture.

Our industrial dust suppression systems are wall, cart or trailer mounts and can be used indoors and outdoors in an environmentally friendly and efficient way.

Jet Zone is a PATENTED technology used for dust suppression for shredders.

The technology injects fine water droplets directly in the crusher housing, resulting in a spectacular dust reduction over the entire crusher line.

This industrial dust suppression system can be installed on ROTOR-or HIGH-SPEED breaker.

The system consists in building up version but can also be placed directly into the housing.

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