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Spraystream is a fogging machine that produces a mist curtain for dust control in open areas or in enclosed spaces. Spraystream technology absorbs dust particles from the sky through a mist of micro droplets. Then they fall to the ground (washing of air).
Maximum efficiency and user-friendly
The patented shape of the cone provides with a high performance self-designed nozzle system, in combination with the latest fan technology, for maximum throw with a minimum power, water and noise. The systems are also very user-friendly because they can rotate 360 ° and operate remotely. Numerous options are available to allow the machine to meet to most of the customer requirements.
With a wheel set and/or a lifting device, the units can easily be moved to the site. Mirko Savic: "Also, the operation of the Spraystream unit is extremely simple. The machines can be fixed or mobile, can also be mounted on poles or walls. There is a choice between high and low pressure systems for indoor and outdoor applications. Indoor applications, requires a very specific approach meaning a very low water consumption.
Fully autonomous and mobile units are also available, with or without generator. The same installations are also used to suppress odours. "
Also for crusher plants
The Jet Zone is a patented dust-control system at crusher plants. In this case, microdroplets are injected directly into the crusher chamber under high pressure, which results in a spectacular dust reduction across the entire crusher line. Mirko Savic: "The clog-free injectors are designed to withstand the destructive forces in the crusher room. Jet-Zone has many advantages: Excellent dust reduction at the dust source itself, extremely low water consumption, maintenance-free injectors, easy to implement in the machine or as a build-up kit, Plug & Spray.
Customers around the world
Savic Engineering has specialized in the design and production of such fogging systems for twelve years. The concept of our devices is revolutionary by the aerodynamic form of the turbines which are also made of composite material. This ensures both extremely long life in heavy industrial operating conditions with low waterflow and high energy efficiency. That's why Spraystream can count on global attention.
Unfortunately, not all dust or odor problems with these installations can be solved. That's why our customers can also rely on our tailor tailor-made solutions..... And our concept is all around the world.

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