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Up to 100% separation of 8,000 l oil/hour

SurfCleaner offers a unique, patent protected solution to manage all types of surface floating pollutants as it, unlike any current solution on the market, automatically collects and separates pollutants from any water surface, with a 100% separation capability, low energy consumption (30-500W), and a very high durability. SurfCleaner provides customers with large efficiency gains and cost savings, while significantly lowering their environmental footprint. These are benefits witnessed by existing customers who have used the product for more than 10 years.

Main USPs:
• High separation capacity. Separates 8,000 l/h
• 100 % separation of collected pollutants
• Designed for continuous operation 24/7 - minimal service requirements
• Low energy consumption (30-500W)
• Cost-efficient operation - substantial cost savings - recycling of collected material

Our solution
SurfCleaner offers a revolutionizing, automated and efficient solution to the global water surface pollution problem. The patented collection and separation process has been developed to a self-managing solution consisting of only two moving parts. SurfCleaner solves the water surface pollutant issue using a three-step process: (1) concentration (2) separation and (3) emptying.

1. Concentration phase: In the bottom of the product there is a propeller that creates a negative pressure. Water with the polluting surface layer will flow into the SurfCleaner.

2. Separation phase: The water and the pollutant are forced out in the periphery and a dramatic lowering of the flow velocity occurs. The low flow results in diverging of the pollutants and the water, by gravimetric separation.

3. Emptying phase: By reversing the propeller the pollutants can automatically be transported to a suitable external tank or a floating disposal bag.

SurfCleaner developed for post oil spill clean-up and Industrial oil water separation

Post oil spill clean-up
This segment relates to the cleanup of spilled oil due to accidents from ships, boats or oil platforms and smaller spills from normal operations in e.g. harbors. Examples of customers in this segment vary, as there are different types of parties responsible for the clean-up of oil depending on the spill. The most important are ports, coastal guards and shipping firms as they are required to carry equipment on board as a preventive measure to manage potential spills. Stakeholders are specialized consultancies, getting involved in many oil spill incidents on an advisory basis, recommending solutions to their customers.

Industrial oil water separation
Several industries, such as manufacturing and process industries, industrial ports, oil refineries, airports etc. suffer from small oil spills in their daily operations. What many of these facilities have in common, is that spill oil is collected in basins and underground water tanks, later disposed by third parties to specific separation facilities. There is hence a gap in the market to be filled by the SurfCleaner, that can cost efficiently separate oil from water at the source on site at the industrial compound, saving industries plenty of money as the transport need and fluid volumes managed by third parties are significantly reduced.

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