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TerraStryke Products LLC

TerraStryke products represent a safer more sustainable way to address groundwater and soil contaminants by working with Mother Nature, not against.....

TerraStryke Products LLC. provides biostimulation additives to enhance native microbial populations and the natural degradation of chlorinated volatile organic (cVOC) and/or petroleum hydrocarbon (PHC) contaminants in groundwater or saturated and/or vadose soils; safely, sustainably and cost-effectively.

Each product is proven to enhance native microbials ability to destroy site contaminants; additionally, each generate extended effect-residence times, expedite solubilization (flux) of residual source mass to increase contaminant bioavailability and realize long-term Site compliance objectives.

Clients include the environmental engineering, consulting and remediation industries; property development; state, local and Federal installations.

Our additives enhance native microbial populations Mother Nature already provided, to help them `organically` destroy the contaminants for us. Each product positively effects treatment zone biogeochemistry to off-set the adverse impacts introduction of the contaminants caused

By enhancing the microbes ability to either `eat` (assimilate) or `breathe` (respire) the contaminant over time, our strategies minimize site impacts and maximize performance cost-effectively; leaving only water and biomass containing sequestered carbon, effectively lowering the carbon footprint of any project.

Our additives are sustainable, extending effect-residency times for any project.
Our strategies reduce site work and the number of deployments required, minimizing the impacts associated with remediation, minimizing off-site disposal, creating treatment zones that address subsurface contaminant concerns safely, concurrent with site redevelopment by minimizing the need for above ground support equipment; further reducing project costs by eliminating fuel costs, emissions and nuisance noise concerns.

Our additives are patented and designed to enhance the treatment of soils, saturated soils and most critically, groundwater

Sites? Dry Cleaners (solvents) Manufacturing Facilities (solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons) Fuel Distribution Facilities (Petroleum Hydrocarbons) Military facilities, NASA etc.

we are based in Andover New Hampshire (US)
Our manufacturing facility is located in the greater Toronto Area in Ontario Canada
We can ship worldwide
and have had product successfully deployed throughout North America, in Saudi Arabia, India, and Japan

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