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VEGA Controls Limited

Innovative level and Pressure sensors flood monitoring and management

Water level radar sensors offer multi-capability and cost savings across the water industry. From pump control to reservoir monitoring, open channel flow through to safe measurement of chemicals in plastic tanks (looking though the tank top) and for digester level control (measuring through isolation valves), in many applications, they can offer improved reliability, lower maintenance and easier installation.

On the stand, see and learn how radar sensor technology can be a very useful tool for deployment across all water and environmental sectors, meeting commercial needs and providing superior performance. Radar is an interesting level technology as it combines excellent performance with immunity to conditions such as condensation or build up on the sensor face, extreme weather, water surface and wind conditions or solar gain/temperature influence, that means accurate measurement with little maintenance all year round. It is an ideal sensor for pump control, with its excellent focusing to avoid obstructions. For remote monitoring sites, where reliability is key, it can even be battery or solar powered, with an integrated 100,000 point data logger as standandard. It is compact and loop-powered, no intermediate wall mounted controller box needed, so it`s easier and cheaper to install. The long-term deployment of VEGA radar technologies by environmental regulatory and monitoring agencies, we feel is testament to its potential, performance and reliability for all sectors. The WL S 61 water radar sensor offers not only very highly competitive pricing (from less tha £400) to any alternative products, but also mm resolution performance, watertight IP68(2 Bar) housing and ranges up to 8m and (15m with sister unit, WL61) Profibus FF and Hart also available. The first MCERTS radar level system for open channel flow measurement will also be on show.

Also on the stand is our `80 GHz` radar technology, where this higher frequency is offering new capability for liquids and solids level monitoring, with measuring ranges from a few cm up to 120m; ideal for deep wells and pumping shafts or tall silos, with little or no false signal mapping on set up. You can see and try for yourself our new BLUETOOTH communications for all products ...with full backward capability to 2002. Users can set up and manage sensor data using Smartphone, Tablet or PC, safely and conveniently. Download the VEGA TOOLS app to your IOS or Android smartphone, `BYOD` and connect to the future of instrumentation!

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