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Verder Liquids

Verder Liquids is a manufacturer and distributor of pumping solutions.

Chemical Dosing Systems

Verder Liquids have a dedicated team providing off-the-shelf and custom chemical dosing systems to water companies, aquaculture, effluent processing sites and industrial applications. The systems range from full packaged plants for large scale municipal sewage treatment to 'mini-systems' designed for small scale applications.

The systems provide many benefits including

1. Accurate, reliable dosing
2. A one-stop shop for all peripheral items, training and commissioning
3. Cost-accessible dosing for smaller business
4. Tried and trusted systems established in public and private sector sites.

The dosing systems can be used for a range of processes including pH correction, P removal, BOD/COD, odour control, CIP, disinfection, descaling, flocculants etc.

All systems are designed and assembled at our service centre in Castleford, West Yorkshire. The company operates using ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 standards and is holds many industry certifications for operating on sites and are also Achilles certified.

The systems can dose a range of chemicals including abrasive lime slurry, off-gassing and highly corrosive types.


Verder Liquids offer both PD and centrifugal pumps types for handling every fluid type.

Many sludge and slurry-type fluids containing gritty, hard particles are difficult to handle due to being highly abrasive and being causing inefficiencies in centrifugal pump due to the working principal.

Verder offer both PD and centrifugal pump types for difficult applications including a special hybrid PD/centrifugal model using the `helical universal screw` impeller (a `HUS` impeller) known as our Verder brand: The Verderhus. This pump can handle significant flowable slurries of up to 3000cps and solids of up to 160mm. This makes it exceptional at handling slurry and sludge at sites handling industrial effluent and landfill leachate for tank transfer and circulation, especially where sedimentation is a problem.


Verder Liquids offer workshop and onsite services including

1. Bespoke modifications
2. Contract maintenance
3. Testing and diagnostics
4. Survey and consultation
5. Onsite repairs and commissioning

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