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xRapid Group

xRapid, Artificial Intelligence startup, Automated PCM for Air fibers Analysis

Initially created to diagnose Malaria using only a phone and the AI (instead of a laboratory analyst), xRapid has grown by providing rapidly deployable and scalable solutions in the health and environmental hygiene industries. Headquartered in France, xRapid operates worldwide, with field offices in the US and the UK.

xRapid has now launched our new product: xRfiber - a fully automated microscope for air fiber analysis. xRfiber analyzes air fiber samples with the touch of a button and is adaptable to a country or region`s regulatory standards.

Our next area of innovation looks to the healthcare industry with xRblood - the first at-home blood analysis (CBC). Health conditions can be monitored via AI based blood analysis from the comfort of the patient`s home, sharing results to doctors instantly.

The mission at xRapid is improving people`s lives by applying AI to areas of microscopy that have yet to be fully realized.

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