The Networking Area

As well as the Contamination Expo Series housing the industry’s very latest products, techniques and services, the networking area also offers professionals working across the contamination sector the greatest opportunity yet to make a new and diverse range of connections.

No other event of its kind makes it so easy for you to connect with a collection of like-minded contamination professionals. The chance to engage with, and learn from, the most progressive professionals from around Europe is something which could improve how you prevent, treat and manage contaminated land, water and air for years to come.

The area has been specifically created to provide the most effective networking environment possible - so grab a seat and get ready to discover the latest solutions from some of the world’s leading contamination experts and organisations.

Earth Solutions

About 2019 Sponsor:

i2 are an independent leading environmental testing laboratory, which performs a full range of chemical and geotechnical analyses using state-of-the-art laboratory techniques on soils, waters, building and waste materials, RDF/SRF/Biomass.

We have a purpose built laboratory facilities in the UK and Europe which are complimented by various services centres around the UK. Our highly skilled of laboratory technicians ensure that sample turnaround is consistently delivered to exceed our clients` expectations.

Contamination Expo Networking Area Contamination Expo Networking Area Contamination Expo Networking Area