Keynote Close Up: Paul Leonard

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The Contamination Expo Series is just under three weeks away! Running alongside RWM, Flood Expo, M&CCE and Future Resource, The Contamination Series will be a part of the most comprehensive environmental portfolio the UK has seen.

Tickets for the Contamination Expo Series are now available from  and in order to get the excited for the event we invited Keynote Speaker Paul Leonard to open up about his work, what he hopes to achieve with his work and also the seminar that visitors can attend during the event.

Paul Leonard works within the Department of Life Science at Brunel University. His duties as a Nuclear Inspector included work at Sellafield, Springfields, Capenhurst, Bradwell and Greenwich. As well as this Paul has provided evidence to the Sizewell Public Inquiry, coordinated environmental sampling at major UK nuclear sites and responded to the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear accidents. Because of his extensive knowledge, his presence at the Nuclear Decommissioning Expo, just one part of seven that makes up the Contamination Series, is an essential part of any visitor’s agenda.  

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Can you tell us more about your current work?
My extensive radiological and emergency response experience is utilised by many organisations seeking to improve their use of science – based evidence. For example, I am the Chairman of the Advisory Group, helping the Natural Environment Research Council with a project that is looking at the transfer of radionuclides around the Chernobyl area and the implications for the UK. Further information is available:

What special interests do you have within your field of work?
I have always been interested in how the public may be exposed to pollution and the ways industrial operations may be adapted to reduce that exposure.  My earlier career included designing publicly credible environmental monitoring programmes, as well as being a Nuclear Inspector at several UK sites including Sellafield.  Successful outcomes from this work involved me developing an international reputation that has included providing advice in e.g. Kazakhstan (oil & gas pollution), Japan ( endocrine disruption) and South Africa (emergency planning).

What is the end goal for your work?
I am lucky to have been working as a scientist in environmental protection and human health throughout my career.  This has included working with policy makers, regulators and industry managers with the aim of being able to assess public exposure to pollution and provide evidence on impacts. This often will lead to better industrial practices and minimisation of exposure to the public.

What can we expect from you seminar?
For anybody involved with the determination of contamination, the seminar will explore some of the challenges that a practitioner may face when collecting environmental data and how that data may be interpreted to potentially provide reassurance. This will include assessment of material from routine industrial operations and following a major accident.

What future research plans do you have?           
We live in an ever-changing world with a wide range of pollution threats.  In the short term, my work is likely to include providing advice on emergency planning as well as targeting appropriate monitoring strategies.  The impacts of complex mixtures in the environment need to be better understood and the ways that they can be minimised. This links, for example, to climate change issues, degradation of plastics, decommissioning of redundant industrial operations and the need to improve public knowledge about the threats of different types of of pollution.

Catch Paul Leonard in Keynote Theatre 25 at 14:00 on the 12th September.

This is but a glimpse behind the curtain of one of the Contamination Series keynote speakers. You can also expect six other expos that complete the series, an unparalleled line up of exhibitors and unrivalled networking opportunities with global across multiple sectors.

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