eviFile: automating contamination management and compliance

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Resolving contamination issues almost invariably requires a focus on a particular location. There may be widespread and longstanding contamination – perhaps due to a brownfield site having previously been used for industrial production, refining processes or for waste management. Or the contamination may be more localised and short-term – perhaps the result of accidental spillages. Either way, contamination can potentially adversely affect nearby residents, civic authorities or businesses and put people’s health, social or economic welfare at risk.

Whatever the cause, careful and responsible management of the contaminated site is vital. Those involved will need to accurately record the steps taken to identify locations, to safely contain, remediate and/or remove the source(s) of contamination, and to ensure the site is fit for its intended use. Where contaminated materials are removed, details of their eventual place of storage, processing and/or disposal will also need to be captured to satisfy environmental authorities’ and regulators’ information needs.

eviFile: secure data capture

eviFile is a mobile information capture system that has been designed to help organisations securely document every step of their decontamination project, and to provide any auditors with the necessary assurance that completed processes meet compliance requirements. The system uses the cameras and GPS capabilities built into most mobile devices to indelibly link image and location information with other data captured onsite.

Almost invariably, surveys and inspections will include photographic evidence, often augmented by soil or groundwater samples gained from boreholes or trial pits. eviFile can be used to record the methodical capture of such samples, and then to document workflows relating to their safe transfer to an appropriately accredited laboratory. Similarly, decontamination work can be accurately documented, with records then used for timely reporting and invoicing.

Documenting decontamination

Staff at environmental and industrial drainage specialists Steve Caunce Ltd, for example, have been using eviFile to accurately record decontamination work they undertake for their customers – who include commercial property managers, managing agents and property maintenance companies. Typical projects may involve clearing drain blockages or cleaning up oil or other spillages.

General manager Andy White says: “Caunce is registered and licensed to carry all types of contaminated waste for disposal at registered sites. Using eviFile we can ensure legal disposal is fully documented in accordance with our ‘Duty of Care’ certificates.”

Caunce operatives access eviFile on their mobile phones, and keep the company updated on project progress, reducing telephone calls, email and paperwork, improving customer service and providing better visibility of work undertaken.

This transparency combined with best-in-class client reporting has resulted in new business wins,” says White. “eviFile has revolutionised our tendering, quoting and invoicing. Reputation-wise, clients see Caunce as more technologically sophisticated and committed to delivering better service.”