Partner close up: ACAD

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The Contamination Series is just under a week away from opening the doors of the NEC to some 6,000 visitors across a huge breadth of industries. Tickets for the event are available from The Contamination Series website, so be sure to secure your attendance at the event and plan your agenda with the digital show guide also found on the website.

With so many amazing partners with the show, we wanted to take the time to give you a behind the scenes look at some of the great work being done by our partners and the opportunities they see within The Contamination Series. Finally we reached out to ACAD, Asbestos Control and Abatement Division, to discuss their important work in the battle against asbestos

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Tell us a bit about the work ACAD currently does?
ACAD is the not for profit trade association leading the Asbestos sector.  As a trade association we are here to support our members, ensure they are up to date with technical and wider issues and to represent their viewpoints in this highly specialised industry. The support we give to our members takes many forms including cutting edge training at our fully equipped practical training facilities, subsidised NVQ assessments, Licence Renewal support, HR/Legal/Financial helplines, technical advice…ACAD meets regularly with many bodies to represent members’ views and to help shape new information coming out of these groups.  ACAD is also a member of Build UK since its creation in September 2015 and NSCC before that time.  ACAD currently holds positions on the HSE Asbestos Leadership Group (ALG) and ALG Technical Working Group as well as the CITB’s Asbestos Working Group as a Sector Representative Organisation (SRO). Recent achievements by ACAD include launching the sectors first CSCS affiliated card scheme – the ACAD Skill Card and the successful award of significant funding by CITB for ACAD to create VQ centres and ensure high quality assessment delivery standards of assessment across the entire Asbestos Industry.

Tell us about the history/background of the ACAD?
ACAD celebrates our 25th anniversary having been created in 1993 by the Thermal Insulation Contractors Association (TICA).  TICA members held some of the original HSE Asbestos removal licences when this system was introduced and they identified they required a dedicated specialist trade body to provide technical support and help raise standards across what was the fledgling Asbestos removal industry. ACAD enjoys a long held and enviable position within the Asbestos sector with a proactive and outward looking approach coupled with technical excellence.  These are some of the attributes of ACAD that have led to this organisation leading the joint industry review of the Licensed Contractors Guide for HSE, leading a successful joint industry bid for CITB funding to subsidise the cost of NVQ assessments and was the sole organisation that reviewed HSG210 (Asbestos Essentials) again for the HSE.

What is the goal/goals of the organisation?

ACAD’s central aim when we were created back in 1993 was to continually raise standards.  We continue to do this in many ways including encouraging higher standards on site, improvements to training delivery and always going the extra mile. ACAD follows a simple adage; “It’ll do never does…”.  The biggest recent example of this has been the acceptance of NVQ by all mainstream organisations across the Asbestos sector – a standard long promoted by, and associated with, ACAD.  These qualifications aren’t just limited to Asbestos technical elements; instead they include general construction health and safety as well as essential soft skills providing unrivalled proof of full spectrum competence. Into the future ACAD will continue to lead developments in the sector to drive continual improvement, the elimination of bureaucracy and guard against the introduction of unnecessary burdens on the Asbestos sector.

Why have you chosen to partner with the Contamination Expo Series this year?
ACAD has been a constant presence at the Expo since its launch back in 2016.  We always get to see so many of our existing members who are attending thanks to our promotion of the event.  Many of our members also exhibit at the expo creating a real buzz of ACAD members’ right across the exhibition space. In addition ACAD gets to speak with so many other people who get to find out what’s really happening in the Asbestos world on topics as diverse as Pre-Qualification, CITB funding and the very latest from HSE.  It is this provision of essential business information right across the spectrum coupled with the drive and professionalism of those providing this information that is attracting so many new members to ACAD across all our membership categories. If you’re not yet a member, ACAD is offering half price membership applications during the Expo, just come and see us on stand 5M113.

Can you tell us a bit about ACAD’s speaking representatives at this year’s Contamination Expo Series?

With almost 20 years’ experience in the sector ACAD Manager Graham Warren brings a wealth of experience to draw on coupled with an enviable knowledge on NVQ standards and associated funding in the Asbestos sector. Graham will be talking about the NVQ challenge and how ACAD has recognised this, engaged behind the scenes at the highest of levels and is now actively delivering the solution accessible by the entire sector. Case studies will demonstrate the savings available to licence holders across the sector that even for SME’s can reach into the tens of thousands of pounds. ACAD Manager Graham Warren is speaking twice at this year’s Expo.  On the first Day Graham is speaking in Theatre 24 straight after lunch at 1:15.  If you miss this then Graham is also speaking on day 2 in the prime early afternoon slot of 2pm in the main Keynote hall 25.

Secure your tickets for The Contamination Series by visiting the website, Be sure to check out the complete digital show guide online as well to begin planning your agenda across the incredibly busy two days.