Focus on Spill Prevention

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There may be as many as 2.5 million potentially contaminated sites across Europe. Of these, approximately 14 % (340 000 sites) are expected to be contaminated and likely to require remediation. Mineral oil and heavy metals are the main contaminants contributing around 60% to soil contamination.

Cost of the spill is high! Fines and costs dealing with oil spill are averages of 40 000 USD for a spill, not to mention reputational damage, which is priceless. So instead of paying for a spill, prevent it!

Dutch company Green Ocean came up with spill PREVENTION solution. It’s natural, it’s safe, it works in ANY weather conditions and it’s cost-effective. The company calls it Spill Prevention Shield.

The mat is made of patented basalt fibres treated to be oliophobic. The system effectively traps oils leaks and spills. 1 sqm. mat absorbs 200 liters of oil. Mats can be placed directly on the ground. No extra layers are needed. It can be installed Brownfield or Greenfield.  The system is fully compliable with 72 hours spill reaction policy and does not cause second ground contamination. 

The installation is done in 2 easy steps:

1.       Just roll out Green Ocean Mat. No equipment needed

2.       Place chip on top to secure the mat

That’s it! Used parts of the mat can be easily replaced. Unused can stay on the ground up to 60 years!

The company sells the system to railroad companies, energy companies, oil refineries, above ground oil storages, oil production companies and to many more who deal with hydrocarbon spills.

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