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IEMA aim to transform the world to sustainability through developing the environmental sustainability skills and knowledge of professionals across all sectors. Environmental sustainability is relevant to all organisations and every professional should have some knowledge of environmental sustainability in order to help them do their job better and ensure their organisation is making positive steps towards their sustainability strategy.

IEMA offer a wide range of support through the medium of education and training in order to support individuals make changes in their organisations from developing an appropriate sustainability strategy, training environmental sustainability professionals and guidance and training on specialist topics such as carbon reporting.

If your organisation is just starting out on the sustainability journey, we can help you along the way. IEMA’s Environmental Sustainability for the Workplace suite can help organisations implement change. Leading with Environmental Sustainability will change the way you do business and is engineered to challenge all and re-develop your strategic objectives. Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers will support managers and supervisors from any industry to understand the strategic and operational implications environmental sustainability has on them their team and department. Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce provides a practical introduction to environmental sustainability ensuring staff are equipped with the knowledge, understanding and motivation to make a positive difference in an organisation.

If you have recently been given the responsibility of environmental sustainability and feel you need some help to get started, the IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management is the perfect course to give you the level of knowledge you need, and leads directly into our first professional grade – Associate Membership! There’s a whole new world of opportunity for environment and sustainability professionals and this is your way in. Associate (AIEMA) membership is the entry point for those building a career in environment and sustainability. The Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management is a great way to get the knowledge you need to do your job better. The drive towards sustainability has opened up new professional avenues across all sectors. If you’re looking to start out or make a change in your career and have real work experience to share, then Associate membership of IEMA is your gateway into the profession. We can prepare you with everything you need to know with our Foundation Certificate training course, this is a great way to get a foothold and enhance your skills and knowledge in this kind of work. The course covers a wide range of environmental, sustainability and governance principles to give you an understanding of the breadth of the sustainability agenda and the management tools and skills you’ll need when working within this area.  

If you are in an operational role, the Certificate in Environmental Management is the course for you! This course is specifically designed for environmental sustainability professionals who are the working experts driving change in organisations. The Certificate in Environmental Management will give you the knowledge you need to further your career, it is for professionals who are working across organisations at an operational level and pursuing a career in environmental sustainability.

Professional development is key if you are looking to pursue a successful career. As legislation, technology and ways of working change you need to ensure that your skills and knowledge are up to date. IEMA regards education is a lifelong process and will continue to work with our partners and membership to create educational tools and training to develop the profession further.